Webinar: «Energy cooperation development between Russia and ASEAN Member-States: experience and opportunities»

09 november 2021

In order to expand economic and investment cooperation between Russia and ASEAN the Russia-ASEAN Business Council and ROSATOM State Corporation conducted an international webinar «Development of Energy Cooperation between Russia and ASEAN: experience and opportunities». The webinar was aimed at intensifying the dialogue between Russia and the ASEAN Member States in the field of energy and non-energy applications of nuclear technologies, searching for prospective areas of cooperation between ROSATOM State Corporation and key stakeholders in the energy, medical, agricultural and other sectors of the ASEAN. The programme of the webinar envisaged the introduction of energy and non-energy nuclear solutions, as well as the discussion on the advantages of nuclear energy and the development of nuclear infrastructure and human resources. More than 100 representatives of government agencies, business leaders from Russia and the ASEAN member states took part in the event.