Essay and video contest for the 25th anniversary of the dialogue partnership and the 30th anniversary of Russia-ASEAN relations

29 july 2021

ASEAN Centre at MGIMO with the support of Russia-ASEAN Business Council, School of Applied Economics and Commerce at MGIMO, Institute of World Ocean (FEFU), Model United Nations of the Russian Far East and ASEAN Moscow Committee conducts an Essay and Video Contest dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of Russia-ASEAN Dialogue Partnership and the 30th Anniversary of Bilateral Relations.

Topic: «Green and Blue Economy in ASEAN-Russia Relations: Perspectives, Projects, Problems»

Application Period: July 5 - October 1, 2021


• Students
• recent graduates
• young professionals up to 35 years old holding Russia and ASEAN countries citizenship

Acceptable forms of participation:

• Every entry should be prepared by, at least, two authors, among whom one is a Russian citizen, and the other one is an ASEAN member state citizen. There cannot be more than four people in one group.
If you would like to take part in the contest, but you do not have any counterpart in ASEAN or Russia respectively, you are welcome to fill in the form enclosed to this announcement, or contact


the entries must develop one of the topics proposed below:

• Joint ASEAN-Russia projects (or between Russia and an ASEAN member state) among the already completed ones, in progress or under consideration concerning sustainable development, mitigating climate change, green and blue economy;
• Russian experience in sustainable development for ASEAN / ASEAN member states experience in sustainable development for Russia (including national ecological agendas and steps taken for
• their implementation);
• Russia-ASEAN cooperation in the field of education and training for sustainable development;
• Russia-ASEAN cooperation (or between Russia and ASEAN member states) in world ocean research and related problems.

Guidelines for the essay submission:

• The essay must be original and well structured.
• The essay must reflect the overall contest theme and elaborate on one of the proposed topics, as well as cover the theme in the essay title (author's theme under the proposed topics for essay).
• The essay must contain at least two original photos made by the authors, which provide additional support for the author's reasoning in the essay (other visual aids, such as graphs, diagrams, etc. added instead of photo materials are also acceptable, provided they are prepared by
• the authors themselves).
• A list of bibliography must be enclosed to the essay, as well as other footnotes throughout the text when needed. All the references shall follow the Chicago Manual of Style format.
• The essay must be written in English.
• Expected length: no less than 5 pages. Times New Roman, 14; space: 1,5; without additional spaces between the paragraphs; margins in standard format.
• The authors’ full names, age, citizenship, affiliation (or education center), phone number and email shall be placed in the front page of the essay before the essay text.

Please submit the entries to: In the email theme please indicate: "Your Name and Surname: ASEAN Centre Essay


the entries shall highlight:

• the attained progress in the field of sustainable development in Russia and ASEAN member states;
• potential spheres of interaction in regard to green and blue economy and world ocean research;
• at least, one successful cooperation project in sustainable development, green or blue economy.
• Guidelines for the video submission:
• Every entry must elaborate on one or several above mentioned topics for the video competition.
• Expected length: no more than 5 min, the video shall be either in English with Russian subtitles, or in Russian with English subtitles.
• The authors must have authorization for every material used in the video (when citing statistical or other information a reference must be provided in the end credit captions).
• The video must be uploaded to YouTube, with the link forwarded to: (access must be activated).

In the cover letter please provide the contact information: The authors' full names, age, citizenship, affiliation (or education center), phone number and email. In the email theme please indicate: "Your Name and Surname: ASEAN Centre Essay and Video Contest".

The best essays and videos will be published on / uploaded to the ASEAN Centre website, ASEAN Centre and MGIMO YouTube channels or printed materials with authors' copyright. If possible in the current epidemiological situation, the winners may be granted the possibility to present their works at a special academic seminar.

The organizers retain the right:

• To share the videos on the ASEAN Centre and MGIMO official websites and YouTube channels;
• To share essays on ASEAN Centre and MGIMO official webpages;
• To pass the essay to the jury in digital format;
• To present the entries at any events related to the contest;
• Change the list of jury, application period dates and the awards;

The organizers must always respect the authors’ copyright.